Onward to Applied Information Sciences (AIS)

So it’s been some 13 years and I’ve decided to move onward.  I’ve landed a new job at Applied Information Sciences (AIS).  For those that know me, I’ve been at RDA Corporation since mid 1994 as Consultant, Project Manager, Principal Architect and EAI Evangelist team lead working across a number of markets and industries. While there I had the opportunity to develop business system applications and enterprise architectures centered primarily on the Microsoft stack of technologies such as Windows Server, BizTalk Server, SQL Server, MOSS, Office, System Center, .NET and SourceCode’s K2.Net. In mostly all of these enterprise solutions developed, Microsoft BizTalk Server was leveraged as the core business process integration and management tool since early 2000.

Prior to joining RDA I spent about 5 years at Becton Dickinson Diagnostics Systems Division working on real-time embedded control and patient demographic systems in the medical diagnostic systems industry focused primarily on instrumented blood culturing systems. Before joining Becton Dickinson I spent over 10 years with EMC Controls, later purchased by Texas Instruments, in the Distributed Process Control Systems industry working on the D/3 Process Control system . Here I worked in Research and Development designing both hardware and software controlled intelligent I/O devices, process control and communication subsystems, real-time operating systems and tools hosted on Digital Equipments (DEC) PDP11, VAX, Intel and Multibus platforms.

The last few years have been a fun ride but I found myself getting spread thin with less time to focus on all the new and exciting things taking place in the industry. With the advances in tools, technologies and approach, we’re able to build first class enterprise wide solutions aimed at solving simple and complex business problems, faster and cheaper. I’m a big believer in abstraction and encapsulation. Developing highly reusable, decoupled, and service oriented solutions is going to continue to stay exciting well into the future with concepts, technologies and tools such as SOA, ESB, Windows Server, BizTalk Server, SQL Server, MOSS,  Office, Dynamics, Visual Studio, System Center, .NET and soon Oslo.

Here at AIS I will have the opportunity to work as a solutions architect and member of the corporate technical staff (CTS) providing strategic direction for solutions, executive oversight on projects and leveraged by our customers before, during and after project engagements. In this role I will be focusing primarily on enterprise wide business process automation, integration and management solutions specializing in Microsoft BizTalk Server and complementary technologies.

I am a member of the Microsoft BizTalk Virtual Technical Specialist Team in the Mid-Atlantic, certified in .NET and BizTalk Server and a member of the Microsoft Connected Technology Advisors Group focused on early product planning and adoption efforts for “Oslo” and beyond.  I’m looking forward to having dedicated time to focus on these initiatives and of course, time to blog!


One Response to Onward to Applied Information Sciences (AIS)

  1. Pauline Johnson says:

    Congratulations Scott, you have accomplished a great deal in a relatively short time. Your knowledge of biztalk is enviable but also inspiring encouraging a novice like me to continue working diligently to learn the .NET Framework and supporting products.

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