Loan Origination Architecture and the Financial Services Component Library

A couple weeks ago Mike Walker (an architect and technical evangelist at Microsoft) announced the 2nd release of the Loan Origination reference architecture (OR-LOS) and a Financial Services Component Library.  I’ve been watching some of his work over the last 1/2 year or so in terms of these reference architectures it looks like some really great reuse and guidance.

The Loan Origination reference architecture shows how to build solutions that unify people, process and technology through familiar Office 2007 user interfaces. It includes an architecture framework for lending with an Office Business Application based scenario and BizTalk “MISMO” Accelerator for the loan origination process in banking.

The Financial Services Component Library provides over 90+ OBA components spanning key areas in Banking, Insurance and Capital markets. These components and associated guidance is expected to be released over the next month or so at the Microsoft Financial Services Architecture Portal.

“OBAs are an emerging class of business applications that connect existing line-of-business (LOB) systems with the people that use them every day through the familiar user interface of Microsoft Office, bridging the gap between how business process systems work, and how people work. OR-LOS will help customers simplify document management, increase integrated workflow, improve efficiency and ultimately lower time-to-market offering for faster turn-around and reduced cost.”

Architecture Themes
Described below are some of the Microsoft architecture themes in which these architectures highlight.

Architecture Themes

Technology Components Included in the Financial Services OBA Component Library

Technology Components


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